Friday, November 19, 2010

Singapore Day 3 (Part Un)

It was my idea to visit Singapore Zoo. Well actually, i pretty much planned the itinerary with the help of Ms. Grace (Manager of the Travel Agency). I was left with the challenge of squeezing everything in that 3 whole days in Singapore, well just 2 since nanay told me to spare 1 day for shopping. We were bound to Singapore Zoo, Sunday November 7 and i felt like a kid on her first Zoo visit.

See? We look so colorful amdist the mural-esque display by the entrance. Haha everyone, except for Jose, had to consult their outfit choice to me before we leave the hotel. That's just how it is :) I want everyone to look cute.

My sister Ela is the most active and adventurous among us girls, or i'd like to say tie kami .. or not? I commend her guts for holding that bird for the 20-second photo op. haha

I can't tell you how giddy I felt the moment i laid my eyes on a REAL, breathing white tiger. haha I'd rather stare at them than take photos so we took a photo with this instead haha

Aboard the tram <3 I'm telling you, i was delaying the ride so we could catch the zebra-print tram, but my family was itching to sit so we took the next one out. I knew Singapore Zoo is something we couldn't miss out on so i'm glad we went.

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