Friday, November 19, 2010

Singapore Day 2

Universal Studios. I had asthma that day. Impeccable timing!!

Big thanks to Tatay for having enough patience to tote our tripod around! haha

I knew we'll be doing a lot of walking and the weather is literally too hot to handle so i had to wear shorts.
Pink vest - D.I.Y // Green striped tank top - Forever21 // Shorts - SM Dept Store // Shoes - Juicy Couture // Bag - Loop from Rustan's // Silver necklace - H&M // Sunglasses - Christian Dior
I had tons of fun but the weather, i must say, isn't the most forgiving. As i've said, I had asthma that morning so imagine the discomfort of walking under the scorching heat. We also went on a Saturday so queu (lines) were extremely long. We had to wait an hour and 15mins just so we could get on the Jurassic raft thingy. haha
OOOH I belong! and i look so stiff, gahh i'm not really good with posing!

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