Sunday, March 9, 2014

The back up bridesmaid

There is no such thing as witnessing too many milestones, all in less than 12 hours. I had a wonderful opportunity to witness a wedding, a 50th birthday *surprise* party, a sweet sixteen and still push for a 'girls night out' in its most literal sense. I obviously hyperextended my energy.

I was a mere spectator at my boss' wedding, and a tad overdress at that! But I must say I blended in pretty well with the motif and was jokingly referred to as a back-up bridesmaid. You can't expect anything less from someone notoriously overdressed on a regular basis so I took it to the max with this sleek number.
Miss Selfridge maxi dress | Stradivarius t-strap sandals | YSL Le Sixieme chain purse

Very-millenium prom is how I like to call dresses of such silhouette. It's flowy yet snug in all the right places. The very simple design makes the sweeping back cut out detail all the more interesting. And this is my attempt to try new things:

1. I opted for a simple up-do (thanks to my sister and her donut bun maker)
2. I wore a plain and simple dress

Both of which I rarely do/practice since I'm always going for the kill. Just like how I always say it: go for the kill, go for the jugular! 
I can't apologize for boring you with my blog entries, which appear to be the extended versions of oh-I-love-this-dress-read-all-about-it-in-3-paragraphs-full and while I have not steered my blog in a completely new direction, I think I'm lowering my anchor here for a while. 
Don't mind if I do. 
Golden. Cupcakes fit for a 50th birthday party.
I had 5 cupcakes too many.

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