Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sweepstake 'Ana'

Nine days into 2014, I was rendering overtime work, totally minding my own business when I mindlessly checked my personal email out of habit. Just like my initial reaction to when I read the Topshop Unlock Your Wardrobe email last year, I thought it was just one of those spam messages:

It was one gruesome Thursday (which by the way is the longest day of my week with a 3-hour class sandwiched between working hours) so I initially blanked out and had to take a moment to absorb what was happening. I FUCKING WON THE WISHLIST SWEEPSTAKES! MISS SELFRIDGE -- That's Topshop's fancier, dressier and flashier sister. Anything Topshop or Topshop/Arcadia group-affiliate, I'm an instant convert. The email lost me in the product name overload so I had to recall my picks from a selection of 12 items from the lot. 

Contest Mechanics: From a selection of 12 items, the participant must create her own wishlist with 4 items and submit the wishlist online. It was that easy.

I'm easily blinded by stylish and fancy pieces so I was drawn to the Snow Fairy dress with beaded bodice. The jewel neck skater dress came in close second because of the classic silhouette and neck embellishment. I selected the shoes to pair each dress because I have serious issues with pairing. If I get stand out piece, I'm gonna have to get something to match it with. To be honest, it NEVER crossed my mind that my wishlist would be chosen because I already won the Topshop contest last year. :) 

See my honest lack of thought? Had I know, I would have chosen a more casual selection I can wear at work or school on most days. But no regrets, I am absolutely obsessed with these pieces.

Last Wednesday, I had to leave for Manila straight after work to meet my best friend (entry to follow). I had to take a quick detour to Greenbelt to claim my winnings. I was reeling with anxiety considering the complaints raised by the other two winners (one received the wrong sizes for 3 out of 4 items; the other had to bring home a substitute to one item; the other winner,I am not so sure of because only the three of us were looped in the email communication). In my head I knew I was doomed for something bad.

I would say lady luck was on my side that day. Seeing the items individually wrapped in white Japanese papers and neatly tucked into separate bags made me so giddy. This may have been a far cry from the other branch, which I heard stowed all prizes in one bag. The supervisor warmly welcomed and congratulated me while my IDs were being verified et voila! Three shoppingbagsfull:


Look # 1. Edgy Kate Middleton

Look # 2. Winter Fairy

This was just the start of a string of good news this month. Isn't it absolutely amazing how good news can easily turn a bad day upside down?

I would like to thank RSSI, Miss Selfridge and Schmuzter for this loot :) And Thank you God for always walking with me. 

PS. 'Sweepstake Annie' is a movie. Yup, you're welcome. 

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