Friday, January 24, 2014

There's no greater high than being on air

I spent nearly 3 years in college as a volunteer student broadcaster for the premiere college radio in the country, DZLB-FM 97.4. I thought I'd retire the 'jock thing' by age 20, but an opportunity unexpectedly came knocking in and I knew right then and there it was worth the risks of answering.

My college friend Nikko invited me (along with my best friend Kams) to be on his morning show in 99.5 PlayFM. Nikko and I broadcasted in college together for a 2-hour music countdown program, which is the closing program every week. 

Rusty as I was, I found myself sitting comfortably in the booth after more than 3 years of non-radio activity. It was like rekindling an old romance; recalling my infatuation with broadcasting is bittersweet. For one, I know it is something I want but I have other commitments that cannot be undone at this stage. 

For now my little stint on national radio will continue to be a part of this year's highlights, among a few others :) I can't thank Nikko enough for giving me a chance to live my dream even if it was just for 3 hours. It made the stressful commute, missed class and everything in between so fucking worth it!

So nope, video did not kill the radio star. Priority did. Kidding

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