Saturday, October 12, 2013

What's so civil about war anyway?

All those verbal altercations and passive aggressive gestures from months back look shelved when in fact they have been parasitically burrowing off the very foundation of whatever it is we have shared over the course of a decade. A relations built on malicious lying that have caused us to blindly stab each other on the back has no place in my reformed lifestyle. I am indifferent to this affair. I acknowledge the fact that we don't operate on the same wavelength. Heck that is an insult; as you have deliberately insulted and questioned my morale without reading through my intent.

We are a ticking time bomb about to blow any second now; allow me to detonate. Be in cahoots for all I care.

PS. Saying this once and for all. This is NOT written for a male subject. HA HA HA

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