Saturday, October 5, 2013

People will wonder. Make them.

How do you do it? People ask. How do I do it?

We are no island, but I'd say I'm on the precipice of a peninsula, a panhandle even. Reclusion has stretched out into a lifestyle with all other connections at bay. I have amputated linkages that have caused more harm than good, much like those gangrene-infected limbs. Pruning my canopy so I can give my core a room to breathe. Everything I need right now, I have within reach -- both tangible and otherwise. I am happy. I am content - bar none. Whatever I find therapeutic is nobody else's beeswax. I need not seek validation from others thank you very much. Do achievements per se make us happy? Or is it the delayed gratification - the pronouncement of such achievements? Is it an absolute necessity to make everything known? People will wonder. Make them. Keeping this air of mystery as a safety net because one day, my daddy told me, I will make history.

I have made a profit from explaining too much (figuratively of course). Why not play reverse psychology this time: less talk = less chance of misinterpretation. Life's innate cruelty has given me resiliency much too strong for other's passive aggressive judgements to penetrate.

Some would sit together to gossip and exchange notes. I prefer to stay in my room and read. Focus is what keeps me in this game; work-school-family life balance keeping me afloat. Sounds like a fair life plan if you ask me. From here on, sightings of Ana Reynoso (excuse me while I refer to myself in 3rd person, I don't usually do this. Pet peeve alert!) will be few and far between. Kind of like those Big Foot sightings, or Axl Rose from 1994 to 2002 or Nessy from Loch Ness.

In any case a kind soul is wondering, I am good. Over and beyond. I am busy working in a reputable international research organisation by day and hustling to get good grades in graduate school by (late) afternoon. Although I am not sure if I can say the same thing about the latter after this semester. HA HA! Just kidding.

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