Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cure for the itch

I find myself struggling to control my blog itch early in the morning, only to tide it over for the night when I'm too zonked out to compose my thoughts. So far, my 8-week stay in IRRI has been great I'm typing this lame-o smiley right about now :) I cannot express how grateful I am to have landed a job which has given me a leverage to apply the learnings I'm picking up in graduate school. It's an almost seamless integration; a privilege I never think I would be entitled to.

Time management is like the book-balancing-act-for-models, for struggling young professionals like me. I have learned how to effectively stretch my time to accommodate the essentials. As part of a new lifestyle, I have vowed to quasi-disengage in social media for the duration of my tenure. I know what you're thinking, can my life get any lame-r now?! Actually, yes it can.

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