Sunday, July 21, 2013

All Killer No Filler

You know where you are? You in the jungle baby! You're gonna diiiiiiiiiiiie!! This is probably the single most terrifying song line that has rocked my eardrum since One by Metallica. Today marks the 26th year since 'Appetite' was released for mass destruction consumption. I was a mere glisten in my mother's eye, heck my parents were probably total strangers then! Point is, 26 years since Appetite for Destruction exploded into the music charts, the music stays in its pure, relevant, and raw heavy metal-form. Who wouldda thunk I'd have a spot for heavy metal in this too pink of a life I'm living?
I have always defined my taste in music as "artist-particular", instead of the usual genre-specific. I could listen to the most classic of musical scores then listen to Korn's Twisted Transistor at the end of the day. Ever had that experience of forcing the music unto you because you like the artist behind that music? Well that was never the case between me, my Axl and my Appetite!

For a typical twenty-something like me, say 'Guns N' Roses' and SCOM automatically registers. But the truth is, boys and girls, Sweet Child is just one of thirteen game-changing tracks Guns gave birth to in '87! This is one All-Killer-No-Filler, a rare breed of records. Thanks for Welcoming us into the Jungle! Happy 26th AFD!!

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