Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cocoa and Chanel

You only have one face so you better take damn good care of it. I obviously came a long way from my eyeliner & petroleum jelly days, expanding my cosmetics terrain with the use of BB cream and highly-pigmented, industrial strength eye shadow palettes. Ha Ha!
Sumo-smokey eyes at nag iinarte
Inarte overkill. I'm a huge smokey eyes-fan but my lids can only take so much black make up, and with the risky nature of this style, overdoing can look horribly wrong. Until I plan on being the adopted Kardashian sister, I'm keeping my smokey eyes intensity level to a minimum, thank you. Besides, don't you just hate the feeling of burying your skin under layers and layers of make up? Because I do. One or two is simply enough.That is me in an early morning beauty product testing, completely ditching breakfast. 

Thanks Nanay for the Chanel & MAC loot and Tita Joy for the Bobbi Brown and assorted Korean goodies! I'm a happy girl for receiving pasalubongs whenever my mom's friends would go abroad! :D

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