Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Walking on sunshine

The past few weeks have been anything but. My long standing battle with colds is still quite pressing and to make matters worse, I had to endure a few days with a bloody nose. Not the most convenient when you’re out and about. I was forced to tag along a family lunch in Alabang on Laguna Day Holiday because my dad operates our house ala Army Rangers, No Man Behind; specially the casualty. I was forced to buy myself mochi ice cream for dessert which served as a makeshift ice bag (whilst ‘twas thawing) to cease the bleeding. Two for the price of one.

On the abovementioned Holiday, I patiently watched my mother and sisters shopped for shoes while I literally stayed on one corner, bleeding. If there’s anything I got from a very simple childhood rearing by my folks, it’s to never compromise quality over quantity; which does not out rightly suggest go buy expensive, by the way. I have been taking a detour around Rustan’s to avoid the display rack housing this pair. I’ve done so successfully for the past few months until recently. I walked out of the store in them. END OF STORY.

Then there’s always work to whine about. I was never really the complaining type (Yes, people change). A key strength noticed by our Big Boss who I happen to be directly reporting to. Brownie points. I recently got on board the monotonous-work wave, aftermath of which is slacking off. I got a bitch slap of reality: maintain your best despite a dwindling motivation, keep it professional. I still think I have a spankin’ job, even with three full months spent in the office and not a single business travel. If there’s anything I miss, it’s sitting in a coffee shop or fancy restaurant in Bacolod to meet with haciendero clients, and really guapo hacienderos at that!  For the record, wholesome ang trabaho ko


Kumiko Mae said...

haha natawa ako sa for the record part! baby girl those flats are sooo pretty ntw :D -Loving Sunshine

Lauren said...

Such fun reading! Love your humorous commentaries!! Cute bright pink flats! Feel better soon!

Wonder Woman said...

:( I hope you feel better by now. -hugs-

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