Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Indian Summer

When asked to define my style – well I don’t. I don’t box myself into any style persona, thank you. But one thing’s been consistent all these years, I like statement pieces that can stand on their own. Exactly a year ago, I blogged about the model off-duty trend and how much I adore all its effortlessly-chic glory, with a button down shirt dress being my favorite common element. Fast-forward to a year later, I still have not acquired the perfect oversized chambray button-down shirtdress, so this floral number would have to tide my excitement over.

I got this beautiful vintage floral shirtdress from Looking for Lola. I was never gifted with the patience that goes with successful thrift shopping anyway so online vintage shops would have to do. I’m all for laid back dressing now with boots, maxi/midi/mullet skirts, tanks, button down shirts, as key elements.
Grunge femme. I grunge’d this over sized floral polo by pairing it with black boots and refined the over-all look (a little) by buttoning to the very top. No need to justify and defend my choice; the boots instantly added a modern flair to this vintage number. Judging from the tailoring of this shirt, it may have been intentionally crafted as a top so I wore a striped bodycon skirt underneath. I like how the stripes peek into the loud floral pattern. What's not to love about an over sized polo? It can be styled in a myriad of ways and it just takes a little cinching to give it shape. Though I must admit, I'm not a fan of cap sleeves and how they magnify my arms :| 
Flower childMy hair and I have been in good terms lately so I took this as an opportunity to style it. This lace headband from Topshop (Thank you, Ela!) fits my head perfectly; talk about snug fit! Compared to other hippie bands I’ve tried on, this actually stays in place longer and it doesn’t make your hair pouffy at the top.
Sometimes, focusing on smaller details can go a long way. Had I opted for less statement-making shoes, I would've fallen straight through the cookie cutter laid-back off-duty look. Being all buttoned up and cinching the waist drew the fine line from looking like Fred Flintstones in hibiscus. Haha! I'm not big on accessories so one or two key pieces -- like the wooden cuff and lace headband, did the trick. 

So much for introductions, I wore this to an all-you-can-eat dinner with my whole family at Yakimix, Greenbelt last Sunday. Make that Japanese dinner two days in a row! Not much photos because I wasn't feeling well with my skin asthma and wind burnt lip problems for the past week. So please stop asking what peculiar lipstick shade I'm sporting, that's a severe case of wind burnt lips for 'ya
When outtakes don't get culled because they surprisingly turn out better than the ones you intend to use. Credits to my little brother for taking my photos before leaving home and for sparing me from the embarrassment of taking them in public! That wraps up last Sunday's highlights. Toodles! :)


Chyrel Gomez said...

Ana, I love your new profile photo and I've been wanting to try this look. I saw someone in our local mall, wearing a skintight floral skirt and she paired it with her DM's. She looked fantastic and like you, don't have any style persona either. I just wear what I like.

SM Dept store sells chambray shirts but not the long ones and I think dito lang iyon sa Cebu.

mestizay said...

I must say the floral colors are really lovely. Adore it! :) i miss reading you blog babe.

Gellie Abogado said...

I love floral stuff so I'm loving your dress! Oh and your headband... I want it! :D

biang said...

I love oversized polos too and the way you styled your look made it effortlessly chic. :D

Ana Maria said...

@Chy- uy thanks Chy :) that' photo's one in a million ha, im so not photogenic :( thanks for the tip :) been on the hunt since last yr!
@Maureen- thanks Love ;)
@Gellie- thanks so much Gellie :) from last season's pa at Topshop :)
@biang - so sweet of you dear :) thank you very much!!

Pineapple Monsters said...

Love your outfit, definitely reminiscent of 90's grunge but still totally stylish! And I love your headband as well!


JC Mercado said...

those hair accesories are always stunning. and the best part is that it looks very chic and boho on you. laaarveee it!


Meekay said...

Lovely dress

Ana Maria said...

Thank you Nix, JC and Meekay :)

Nikki Abella said...

I love the dress and your shoes, babe! :) Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! :)


Mara Feliz said...

Your outfit is really cute :) I love how you used the headband as headpiece :) Really lovely ;)

Kisses! xxx

Ana Maria said...

Hi Nikki and Mara :) Thank you so much <3

Kumiko Mae said...

so love your take on the kimono. you didnt look japanese or asian to me though. very bohe. maybe bec of the head piece. but i love how you look all made up and the concept was well played :D

Lesli said...

Love your dress! :)