Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Binge it on

Just another round of binging on a Sunday; headed to Alabang for Sunday brunch and grocery shopping at S&R. There’s something subtly dreadful about Sundays knowing Monday and all its madness resumes the next day. But maybe that’s just me and my sporadic anxiety attacks and how I can’t seem to make my insides simmer down. Sometimes I’m starting to doubt my psychological being to which my father would always come to my defense and say “it’s all in the mind”.

I paid my final respects to the sale season, did my final rounds and raised the white flag. By 8PM, I was already slumped in bed with my lower appendages stripped off their consciousness. You know what they say about shoes, if they ain’t hurting, they ain’t helping. There are just some outfits that could use a little lift, aesthetically and well, literally.  Giving you another nakatingin-sa-gilid photo as exhaustion got the best of me by afternoon.

On the last day of the month, God decides to shower me with blessings, maybe in preparation for bigger tasks awaiting effective February 1st. Blessing in the form of a hot pink laptop; smaller, sleeker and more gorgeous looking than its predecessor. Oh, please don’t ask me about specs,that may be the last thing on my mind upon the sight of any electronic gadget painted pink. It’s as if I haven’t learned my lesson after acquiring the Motorola RAZR in hot pink. This one’s issued by the office of course, thank you DuPont! (It's supposed to be a temporary unit as the first issue is undergoing repair, but since it may take longer than projected, I get to keep the pink one, doing my happy dance now!) 

I've never been more fueled to work despite the bigger responsibilities piled up on my office desk. Hello 2012, oh it's onnn! Bring it! :) 


Chyrel Gomez said...

I need a loooooong break from work! Haha! Please spread me some enthusiasm for going to work feeling excited and all that jazz. XD

Followed you already in twitter. :)

BTW, Cranberries are coming to Manila on April 10. Are you watching? I think my heart just died. T_T

Gellie Abogado said...

I love your skirt and that cross necklace! :D

Weird, my word verification while writing this comment is "cross" hahaha! :D

Wonder Woman said...

I don't know what it is about this post, but I love how you wrote it. Props! And you look great, too! :)


Pineapple Monsters said...

Ako din, basta pink kahit hindi ko alam ang specs go lang ako kagad! Haha! I'm a victim as well of the pink Motorola Razor. :)) Great outfit Ana!


Wonder Woman said...

Twitter is the_lil_miss :)