Friday, December 24, 2010


My favorite little boy dropped by earlier to claim his Christmas gift from Nang-nang (as in Ninang, my mom).

His annual visit (3rd time this year) is something we all look forward to every Christmas eve-evening.

As the rest of the globe is waiting for the clock to strike 12, somewhere in sweet home Marymount, my family celebrates Noche Buena ahead of time. We like our food well digested before we hit the sack, so we feast as early as 8PM.

Took photos around the house ;)
 I wore a heart printed button down sweater and a gold tutu. I love the whimsy touch of the tutu. I'm not the type to be regularly seen in something too covered up since I'd like to believe I was born in the right hemisphere. But it's Christmastime, so I made an exception.

Christmas eve is usually spent with an intimate family dinner at home. This year though, we celebrated at my grandmother's house with the rest of my dad's family (that includes my family, my uncle's family, my aunt and grandmother). Although me and my sisters wore identical sweaters, we made sure we embodied our personalities in each of our looks. 

Right on the spot photo shoot beside the Christmas tree before opening our presents!

I had to open one of my gifts a tad earlier than the rest. I had an inkling it would look perfect with the outfit I had on.

And voila! Christmas outfit complete thanks to my boyfriend and his mad skills in, clairvoyance? He knows my style too well.


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