Sunday, November 10, 2013

24 candles and them some

Thats why my hair is so big it's full of secrets

Topshop sleeveless flower flippy dress | Michael Kors Gwen cage booties | Overused Balenciaga City
The year of the snake has been far too kind. Spent my 24th exactly how it should be: one major recoup weekend. Bracing myself with the opening of school this week!

24 shots
  • I have a tendency to blank out when asked about celebrity crushes. I will most likely answer Brandon Boyd by impulse. Still true. 
  • My advocacy? Social graces. Bring them, know them by heart. What's yours?
  • Classic (as in black and white) movies have a calming effect on me. You can find me holed in my room, with pin lights on and Grace Kelly on the screen.
  • I watch beauty pageants for the slip ups. Oops
  • The Kardashians is my ultimate guilty pleasure, hence the never ending references.
  • One of these days I'm getting a belly button ring. 
  • One of these days I'll probably get kicked out of the house for getting a belly button ring.
  • I am madly obsessed with Topshop and Sabo Skirt. Once you shop, you can't stop! And yes I made that one up. 
  • I easily feel socially-saturated so I unplug myself from the internet every so often..for a couple of for work/school related matters.
  • I cannot sleep at night without my trusty airline eye mask. I have to constantly remind my dad to spare me the eye masks when he goes on trips. See, business class eye masks are the works
  • It's 2013 and I still cannot get over Brooke and Lucas. That chemistry! Fuel and fire. *Sighs* 
  • I easily get carried away with on-screen lovers and would fervently wish their romance would extend off-screen. Hello Leighton Meester and Chace Crawford! WAKE. UP. 
  • Living life vicariously through Carrie SATC not in the Diaries
  • When stuck in a rut, I run a few episodes of 16 and Pregnant as a constant reminder of how blessed I am no matter the circumstances. And no, I don't mean to berate these kids. In fact I admire the strength.
  • I shop like how an anaconda eats. 
  • I have a mental list of outfits planned.
  • Ask me a question and I will answer back with a question. Read: Don't we all? Aren't we all? -- somehow I manage to make it coherent. 
  • Any top or dress with a cut-out design will end up in my closet. Within reason of course. There's just something so exciting about cut outs. 
  • Im a sartorial extremist - either I'm all dolled up or totally dulled-out. There are nice outfits that deserve to be complemented with make up, then there are outshits to go with bare-face days. 
  • Kamille Villamor is my bestfriend and I'd like to keep her forever. Girl knows me too well
  • I'm so boring I can't make this reach 24! Adios!

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