Sunday, December 2, 2012

Let the shopping commence

Banana & Bariana @arianakriska  Shopping day at Chatuchak

I remain indebted for all the unpublished thoughts bubbling under. What may seem eons ago, this was taken some 1 month and 5 days ago to kickstart a week's full of bargain-hunting, cash-burning shopping and leg-amputating walk-a-thons. I am not exaggerating. Our first day fell on a Sunday, so Chatuchak Weekend market it was! Prior to this trip, I spent months turning cyberspace inside out for shopping blogs on how to systematically conquer Chatuchak but to no avail. Once we alighted from the train, it was a moving, breathing mosh pit so we just went with the flow. The key to surviving the Chatuchak mayhem is perseverance. If you really want to snag the best deals, THIS is the place to be. You just gotta shove that extra ounce of patience (and a bottled water or two) on to your back pocket and you're good to go. Looking back to my treasure trove of cheap thrills. I got the cheapest (yet stylish for its kind) clothes from Chatuchak. 

It is a well-known fact among my family and friends that careful planning went behind my BKK trip wardrobe, as in two-months-in-the-making-careful planning. On Chatuchak day, it was my easy-breezy Roxy sundress with peephole back details. I can't stand wearing anything-sleeved indoors, what more on a 5+ acre outdoor market right? The fabric resembles that of a smooth, finely-woven nylon, almost the same texture as a pair of boardshorts, making it crease- and sweat-marks -proof altogether.

Staying loyal to my penultimate shopping rule, Twiggy (my shopping bag) tagged along.
Eat. Shop. Sleep. Shop. Shop. Shop...
Authentic Thai seafood dinner to cap off an EXTREMELY tiring first day. 

Okayyy, gotta jet. 

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