Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rosewood Confidential

You may think I've been buried alive under the pile of paperwork [--mostly on of never-ending company expense liquidation since February] on my office desk. If my lack of updates didn’t give it away, I have been terribly busy working this past month. And since blogging is anything but an obligation, don’t expect any introductory apology for being AWOL,I don’t do that. HEEHEE :)

My favorite dress was finally able to grace the light of day some half a month ago. I have stalled its debut for way too long. This outfit idea has been brewing inside my head for months now; even considered wearing it during the Lucy Hale press conference. It has Aria Montgomery written all over it sans the leather jacket and the perfectly messy up-do. 
I can go on and write a love letter for this dress. I love the unique asymmetrical tiered skirt and corset waist; make me want to wear it everyday if I only can. The obsessive person in me also bought the skirt version of this dress; I just never tire. If anyone makes a reasonable offer, I might just let go. When remorse finally knocked some sense into me, I realized duplicates are such a waste.
Topshop ditsy lace corset dress | Looking for Lola cuff | Forever 21 boots

Above all them pretty little liars, I like Aria's edgy-femme style the most. See how she throws her boots with feminine pieces.
On a different note, I'm delighted to be part of Trunkshow's list of their Valentine's giveaway winner which I only found out on the last day given to claim the prize. Thank God my sister saw the announcement on Facebook! :) 
Thanks for checking in!



Noelle Chantal said...

Pretty dress!! Suits you perfectly! Love how yournpaired it with boots and that cuff is nice too! :)

Yna Amores said...

Very Aria nga!

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Chyrel Gomez said...

Congrats with the give-away, Ana! Love dresses paired with leather/denim jackets. Ma try nga minsan.