Saturday, November 26, 2011

Road trip & Roxy


My busy work schedule coerced me to duck under the blogging radar for weeks now. When I finally got the privilege to spend a full weekend at home (with an extra day off, thank you boss) I didn't let one second go to waste. It was family bonding on full blast to make up for weekends we were utterly deprived of. When I found out some of Manila's top bloggers: Vern, Lissa and Kryz were heading south for a ROXY event, I rounded up my siblings, popped in a good 'ol 90's playlist and drove off. Nothing like Spice Girls on a road trip, really. 

Number 1: My sisters and I are certified Roxy girls since high school -- that is if you gauge by material possession and not by surfing or skating skills. We go crazy over anything stamped with the mirrored-and-tilted mountain and wave logo. Number 2: Seeing Manila's top bloggers on an event here in Laguna is quite a rare sight. Number 3: The Quiksilver store is right beside the Serenitea branch in Nuvali -- all the more reason to drop by! :)

Topshop floral romper | Sebago pink docksides |Louis Vuitton Neverfull | H&M bracelets | Summer Forever heart print button down cropped polo used as cover up 
Putting aside our purpose of milk tea and Macaron date in Nuvali, we really wanted to come up and personally thank Vern, Lissa and Kryz for taking a tiny bit off their time and sending in their sweet words as part of the birthday video Hannah made for my sister. It may seem like a small thing but we fairly know how busy they are :) I've always been a cyber moron but one day, maybe I can finally post the video here. 

They say driving by early gets you ahead of the traffic and our small act of gratitude couldn't wait any longer, not even for next Saturday! And I would appreciate it if you won't judge; the first photo was taken shortly before taking off and obviously, we weren't ready one! haha


Pineapple Monsters said...

Cute romper! I didn't know they had Roxy in Nuvali, would definitely check it out soon!



That romper is so gorgeous!! florals!!


Wonder Woman said...

What's your shoe size, dear? Divine and Ana both wear a size 10! Does that help? Hehehe.

Ana Maria said...

@ Nix/Nina/Pat - Hi :D yes they dooooo! <3

@ Nomadic Fashionista - Thanks so much <3 It's my fave!!

@ Angel - HAHA 9 ;) Oh definitely!

Chyrel Gomez said...

Ana, I love your cover-up and what a great way to spend your rest day. :)

The Perpetrator said...

cute photos! and serentiea is love! will follow your blog. i love all the colors! <3
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Ana Maria said...

@ Chyrel - Thanks so much Chyrel :) Yes,couldn't agree more!

@ The Perpetrator - Hello there :D thanks so much ;) just followed you back!

aj_everyday said...

Ninang! I love your pink shoesies! I've always had a thing for sailor-esque shoes. Heehee. Anyhoot, thanks for the tip. Been looking for the closest place I can get me some milk tea for when I crave for it the most! Who would've thought, I don't have to drive all the way to LB when I can have it within a 5-minute reach? :p

Ana Maria said...

INAANAK! Serenitea is waaaay better tasting pa compared to the others, well for me ha. Thanks, but the shoes aren't mine :P Ela's, I just borrowed it because the color matches the details of my romper :P HAHA ARTE.

HEH. I don't like your photo with your new black shiny car :P Im dying of jealousy!!! HAHA Miss you! :-*

Yna Amores said...

Backreading your blog Ana! Your style is so sweet :) And your sisters are so cute too. Hi Ela and Isa :)

Ana Maria said...

HI YNA :> WOW thanks so much ;)