Sunday, September 25, 2011

Black Heart Inertia

Pulled by a false inertia
Pushed out by circumstance
Walking alone tonight 'cause I've only got room for two
Me and my burdened black heart
It's all we know how to do
Sexy white shirt | Topshop heart print bodycon skirt | Janilyn wedges | Longchamp Long-handle Le Pliage | Anagon chain fringe necklace | Christian Dior sunglasses

It wasn't particularly sunny yesterday but a huge freakin' zit, sitting pretty right smack in middle of my right cheek, coerced me to put on sunnies. Malling [for me] is tantamount to a day's workout so comfort is on top priority. I whipped out my overused Sexy white shirt which I scored from one of the Rockwell bazaars last year and paired it with my favorite bodycon skirt from Topshop. Bodycon skirts can effortlessly dress up a plain outfit. I threw in my favorite chain fringe necklace I got from Anagon which instantly stripped the outfit off its boring element and made a huge difference overall!
I absolutely adore how Instagram can conveniently make your photos look tumblr-ready in a jiffy. I took this photo of my youngest sister Ela while waiting for our lunch at Via Mare. Now that's comfort food at its finest! 
I went strolling with Isa shortly before dinner, as the parents went to SM and the kids (Jose and Ela) went to Power Mac. I'm still a sucker for red velvet cupcakes and the ones from House of Silvanas didn't disappoint. 
It's about time they put up a new Milk Tea hub in Glorietta! Gong Cha recently opened in Glorietta, and I must say, it's really good! No wonder an awful lot of people is still on Milk Tea frenzy!
This necklace literally stopped me in my tracks and in less than a minute,I found myself ransacking the accessory section of Forever21 in search for this piece. How stellar! In true Ana fashion, I wouldn't dare splurge on accessories unless it's the fleur de lis necklace from Tiffany's we're talking about, then I can probably make an exception given I've procured enough funds for it. But after seeing how big of a difference accessorizing can do on any outfit, I gave it a go! It's gold plated, star-clad and fringed, how can you go wrong? 
I once again contradicted myself and joined in the geeky bandwagon. Nothing against the fad but it just doesn't suit my face until one night, I randomly slipped on my friend Ninay's prescription glasses and bam! It doesn't look that bad at all, or so I think? My sister Ela has been asking me to buy her a pair of geeky glasses for the loooongest time but as common as they are, I've never had the chance to buy one for her until I saw a pair in Forever 21.

Forever21 truly outdid itself with the addition of the cosmetics section. They have the cutest stuff from polka dot lint roller to heart printed shower caps to glittered nail files to jewel encrusted cosmetic brushes. You know me, I have a soft spot for anything sequined, glittered, bejeweled and gold! It's rather impossible to go out of the store empty handed. I took my sisters on a little shopping spree so we're all equally happy.. and the Best Big Sister award goes to... haha!
Birthday shoes, anyone? Scouring for birthday presents as early as now. 
Time flies, the Holidays are tiptoeing nearer! Took a photo with the polar bear while waiting for valet.
I send my warmest thanks to each and every one who's constantly visiting and leaving comments on my blog :) I've had quite a number of blogging attempts before but kept them all private and were strictly for my viewing pleasure. I have the tendency to be really passionate about writing so I made a blog to keep tabs of how I am doing on the writing department. About the same time last year, I took the audacious move to put up a blog which sifts not its readers. I knew, since then, making my blog available to anyone who wishes to read its content would mean subjecting it to further scrutiny. So from all the four chambers of my heart, thank YOU for taking the time to visit my blog, more so for leaving a comment :) each and every single comment is highly appreciated. To this day, I still shake my head in disbelief that Lissa Kahayon and Kookie Buhain once dropped by and left comments. Surreal, really.
My love was recently spotted in NYC :) Leaving you a photo of Brandon he tweeted a few weeks back, to cap off my Instagram heavy camera roll. 


Abi said...

I want that skirt. =) so cute!

Anagon =) said...

You are so cute! :D Thank you for using Anagon Collection necklace :) <3

mestizay said...

I really like the way you told your day!i could never write like that.haha
am glad you liked the velvet cupcakes in house of silvanas!its one of my faves. I love your skirt!the hearts are so cute.;)

Ana Maria said...

@Abi - Hi Abi :) Thank you. It's the tiniest thing, I kept on tugging it.

@Anagon - Hi Ana :D I love it! It's my fave!

@Maureen - Thanks so much Maureen <3 Yup i love 'em red velvets ;) I think they used Wilton for their frosting <3

MariaKristela said...

I've tried Gong Cha too and so far I love it! I'm still going crazy over milk tea and every time I visit Glorietta I always drop by Gong Cha. The queue is long though but worth the wait. :)

Ana Maria said...

Hi MariaKristela :) I love Gong Cha, will definitely go back :) I think all Milk Tea hubs have long queues :/

Chyrel Gomez said...

The geeky look is cute on you and love that stellar necklace of yours. Amazing! another incubus song. Hehe.

I miss the concert, all of a sudden. I wish they come back here soon.

Ana Maria said...

Hello Chyrel :) haha you noticed! Turns out im still on fangirl mode overdrive! Cant help including Brandon's writing into my entries :) thanks so much for the sweet words :)

sittie rainie limba said...

hi gorgeous! am starting to love your blog, your so pretty =)) weeeee I love all fashion blogger.. you're such an inspiration. following you already! hope to see more of your post =))

Ana Maria said...

Hi Sittie :) That's so sweet of you, thanks so much! I've been a follower of your blog for quite some time ;)

Pineapple Monsters said...

Love your new shoes! :)


Ana Maria said...

Thanks Nix <3

Anne Garais said...

im loving your skirt and shoes!! :)